Westward League Cross Country

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Provisional dates for Westward Cross Country League 2017 – 2018

Sunday 8th October – Stover
Sunday 12th November – Newquay
Sunday 3rd December – Exeter
Sunday 14th January – Westward Ho !
Sunday 11th February – Plymouth
Sunday 4th March – Redruth

Other fixtures

South West Inter Counties – 7th January
County Schools – 20th January
SW Schools – 3rd February
CAU Inter Counties – 10th March
ESAA XC – 17th March
South of England – 27th January 2018 – Venue TBC
Nationals – 24th February – Parliament Hill, London

Westward League 2016-2017
Sunday 9th October – Plymouth
Sunday 13th November – Newquay
Sunday 4th December – Exeter
Sunday 15th January – Westward Ho !
Sunday 12th February – Stover
Sunday 19th March – Redruth

All club members who have paid £13 to England Athletic when they joined/rejoined the club this year can run. Anthony Raine has sent all Torbay AC England Athletic membership numbers to Westward League. If you want to run but not a member of England Athletics you can join and pay £13. Contact Emma Gilboy

Westward League cross country fees will be the same as last year i.e. £6 for adult members and free for juniors. This is great value for adults even if you only do one or two events. If you can let Anthony Raine have your fees (cash or cheque payable to ‘Torbay AAC’) before the first meeting.

Senior Men Aged 17 or over on 31st August 2016
U17 Men 15 & 16 on 31st August 2016
U15 Boys 13 & 14 on 31st August 2016
U13 Boys Aged 11 on day of competition, or 12 on 31st August 2016
U11 Boys and Girls -Min age 8 on the day

Senior Women Aged 17 or over on 31st August 2016
U17 Women 15 & 16 on 31st August 2016
U15 Girls 13 & 14 on 31st August 2016
U13 Girls Aged 11 on day of competition, or 12 on 31st August 2016
U11 Boys and Girls -Min age 8 on the day

All clubs must provide a full list of their members with registration numbers and dates of birth prior to the season start (this does not apply to U11’s). This can be added to as the season continues. If an athlete competes who is not registered the club have until the next fixture to provide the registration number otherwise any points gained will be removed. Qualification date for Vet Categories is 9 th October 2016.

WE DO NOT NEED A SEPARATE LIST OF VETS OR U17W. SCORING Senior Men – up to and including first five home score for ‘A’ Team, next five home score for ‘B’ Team etc. Vet Men – up to and including first four home score for ‘A’ Team, next four home score for ‘B’ Team etc. 200 points awarded for the first Vet Man home, 199 for second etc. 100 points awarded to first Vet Woman, 99 for second etc. Vet Women are based on the first 3 scorers. All other age groups – up to and including first three home score for ‘A’ Team, next three home score for ‘B’ Team etc (U17 Women compete in the Senior Women race and score for the Senior Team).

Six League fixtures with best five results to score for both Team and Individual in the Senior categories only. Points are allocated from 300 downwards in the Senior Men’s race, 200 downwards in the Senior Women’s race and 100 downwards for all other races. In the junior categories the best four scores will be used. In the event of a tie for Team or Individual the full six results will be taken into account (five for juniors). No competitor may run for more than one Club/Organisation in the League during the winter season and must be a First Claim member of that Club/Organisation. In certain circumstances, bona fide Second Claim members may compete providing their First Claim club is not a member of the league. Anyone in this category must be approved/registered with the League Secretary prior to the first fixture.

Guests are allowed to run at a cost of £3 per race payable on the day. Guests can only take part in two fixtures in a season. Athletes must be affiliated to England Athletics otherwise they will have to run as a non scoring guest. Club colours must be worn in accordance with UK Athletics’ Rules. Failure to do so may lead to disqualification (i.e. no points shall be awarded).

For safety reasons MP3 players or similar shall not be worn in any of the races. Any athlete who is seen with such will be disqualified.

Each Club/Organisation must appoint a Team Manager to be responsible for ensuring that their athletes’ correct names and finishing positions are handed to the official recorder immediately after each individual race. Team Managers are to be aware that all competitors must run in their respective age group. Any athlete competing in the wrong age group will be disqualified for that fixture.

Results will be posted on the League website (see above) and e-mailed to clubs. Please ensure an up to date email address is provided at the start of the season.

First three overall individuals per age group, to include Vet awards as follows: Men O/40, O/45, O/50, O/55, O/60, 0/65 Women O/35, O/40, O/45, O/50, O/55 Awards in certain categories may be subject to entry. First three teams per age group, except for U17 Women (they score for their respective Senior Team). If there are insufficient complete teams in any age group during the series, awards will be reduced accordingly. No teams for U11. Any proposed alterations or additions to the Rules are to be notified, in writing, to the League Secretary and a vote will be taken by paid up Clubs/Organisations at the following AGM or EGM.


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Sunday 4th December 2016



The Devon County Cross Country Championships was held at Exeter on Sunday 4th December. This event also doubles up as the 3rd Westward League fixture of the season. Cross Country is proving to be really popular at Torbay Athletic Club with a record 42 junior and senior athletes competing at Sunday’s event. Xavier Bly once again produced the stand out performance of the day by finishing 3rd in the U11 boys race. Unfortunately for Xavier the U11 race is only classed as a development race in the County Championships, but this earned him and the club valuable points in the Westward League. Top 10 places were also achieved by Hayden Fay in the U17 boys and Henry Sanderson in the U13 boys race. It was Torbay’s U15s (Alexander Bly, Jake Harker and Finlay Ostler) and U17s boys (Hayden Fay, Shaun McKernan and William Rutland) teams that earned silver medals for the club in the Devon Championships.

On the day results:
SENIOR & VET MEN (8900 metres) – 71 Martyn Breslan (32.52) – 111 Anthony Raine (36.24) – 134 Stephen Wilbraham (38.56) – 139 Nick Robinson (40.14) – 144 Mark Bruce (41.15) – 150 Keith Simpson (42.04) – 153 Steven Sharp (43.25) – 156 Craig McGuire (44.24) – 157 Vasile-Valeriu Chirita (44.29) – 161 Dennis Doy (48.59) – 164 Bill Valentine (68:14)
U17 MEN (5000 metres) – 10 Hayden Fey (16.45) – 17 Shaun McKernan (17.47) – 18 William Rutland (17.49)
U15 BOYS (3900 metres) – 15 Alexander Bly (14.18) – 19 Jake Haker (15.21) – 22 Finlay Ostler (16.20) – 23 Alexander James (20.26)
U13 BOYS (3000 metres) – 7 Henry Sanderson (10.18) – 26 Morgan Alcock (11.17) – 27 Myles Begley (11.18) – 26 Morgan Alcock (12.49) – 37 Kieran Raine (11.44)  – 42 Billy Harker (13.57)
U11 BOYS (1650 metres) – 3 Xavier Bly (5.30) – 22 Joshua Taylor (6.19) – 28 Stefan Filip (6.42) – 34 Harvey Bates (7.22)
SENIOR & VET LADIES (5000 metres) – 79 Fay Cameron (22.13) – 101 Hayley Ratcliff (22.26) – 105 Sara Crozier (23.48) – 108 Lisa Haley (24.05) – 124 Eve Bates (26.14) – 133 Kirsten Mundy (28.22)
U15 GIRLS (3900 metres) – 21 Lily Bates (16.42)
U13 GIRLS (3000 metres) – 27 Josie Ratcliff (12.46) – 29 Emma Harrison (12.47) – 35 Georgina Scoot (13.52) – 36 Heidi Ostler (14.13)
U11 GIRLS (1650 metres) – 9 Ela Rogers (6.28) – 12 Lily Noble (6.31) – 24 Mia Ratcliff (7.10) – 34 Bobbi Blackmore (8.22).

Sunday 13th November 2016

View > [ Plymouth Sport Gazette Race Report ]


The 2nd Westward League event in the Cross Country Series was held at Newquay on Sunday 13th November. 35 Torbay AC junior and senior athletes made the journey to Cornwall producing some brilliant performances. Xavier Bly produced the stand out performance of the day by winning the U11 boys race. Xavier shows great potential of becoming a top endurance athlete. James Alcock also impressed by finishing 3rd in his U15 boys race. Top 10 places were also achieved by Alexander Bly in the U15 boys and Lily Noble in the U11 girls race.
On the day results:
SENIOR & VET MEN (8550 metres) – 19 Tim Watson – (29.51) – 81 Martyn Breslan (33.52) – 118 Anthony Raine (36.16) – 152 Stephen Lofthouse (41.13) – 153 Nick Robinson (41.33) – 155 Steven Sharp (41.43) – 157 Craig McGuire (43.04) – 158 Keith Simpson (43.07) – 161 Vasile-Valeriu Chirita (44.53) – 165 Denis Doy (48.35)
U17 MEN (4990 metres) – 15 Hayden Fey (19.05) – 18 William Rutland (20.26) – 19 Jamie Morrison (20.39)
U15 BOYS (4520 metres) – 3 James Alcock (16.20) – 8 Alexander Bly (16.49) – 24 Jake Haker (19.40) – 28 Alexander James (21.56)
U13 BOYS (3075 metres) – 23 Henry Sanderson (12.19) – 25 Myles Begley (12.42) – 26 Morgan Alcock (12.49) – 37 Kieran Raine (13.40)
U11 BOYS (1730 metres) – 1 Xavier Bly (6.15) – 20 Joshua Taylor (07.10) – 43 Harvey Bates (08.38)
SENIOR & VET LADIES (4990 metres) – 89 Fay Cameron (24.42) – 99 Hayley Ratcliff (25.17) – 104 Sara Crozier (26.03) – 114 Eve Bates (26.28)
U17 GIRLS (4990 metres) – 138 Hannah Raine (35.00)
U15 GIRLS (3970 metres) – 25 Lily Bates (19.25)
U13 GIRLS (3075 metres) – 27 Josie Ratcliff (14.28) – 30 Emma Harrison (14.47)
U11 GIRLS (1730 metres) – 8 Lily Noble (07.16) – 23 Mia Ratcliff (8.02) – 36 Kareema Bijou (09.36)

Sunday 11th October 2016

A total of 34 Torbay A.C. Athletes, 23 of them from the Junior Club, took part in the first Westward League Cross Country Race in Plymouth’s Central Park on Sunday. There are 6 races in the Westward League series and prizes will be award to best athletes from Devon and Cornwall in their age category at the end of the competition.These events attract some of the best endurance athletes in the South West and the Torbay Club made a great account of themselves. For some this was their first taste of cross country running which demands strength, stamina and speed. in fields which is often muddy and slippery. Athletes wear trainers with sharp metal spikes to help grip
Stand out performances for the club were James Alcock, Xavier Bly and Ella Rogers who finished 3rd, 4th and 11th in their U15s Boys,U11 Boys and U11s Girls Races respectively.
Complete results were as follows:- U11 G: 11 Ella Rogers (07:54), 22 Leah Warren (08:26), 30 Mia Ratcliff (08:53), 31 Lauren Gale (08:53), 38 Bobbi Blackmore (09:47), 43 Kareema Bijou (10:47) U13G: 26 Josie Ratcliff (12:35), 31 Emma Harrison (13:01), 35 Olivia Horton (14:58); U15G: 24 Lily Bates (15:54).Senior Women: 87 Fay Cameron (28:01), 92 Hayley Ratcliff (28:41), 95 Lisa Haley 28:57, 99 Sara Crozier 29:25, 122 Sophie Webber 31:47, 123 Eve Bates 31:50; 133 Kirsten Mundy 35:21; U11B: 4 Xavier Bly 06:35, 15 Will James (07:26), 17 Josh Taylor (07:30), 25 Stefan Filip (07:42), 27 Joe Gale (07:43), 46 Harvey Bates (09:45); U13B: 25 Morgan Alcock (11:23), 34 Kieran Raine (12:08); U15B 3 James Alcock (11:37), 27 Alex James (19:00); U17B: 19 Jamie Morrison (24:13); Senior Men: 56 Martyn Breslan (34:40), 119 Anthony Raine (39:11), 141 Steve Sharp (45:09), 179 Val Chirita (52:48).



Well done everyone for such a great season for Team Torbay. 58 club members took part in the Westward League, we have run well, had a great time and had such a brilliant team spirit which was noticed by others and resulted in us being given the Westward League ‘Team of the Year’ award.

Well done to everyone and especially the coaches and parents of the juniors. Its been so good to see so many juniors running and to have so many travelling all the way to Redruth to run yesterday was brilliant.

Below are the results from yesterday and include the overall results for the season.

Already looking forward to next season with plans including:

  • Further extending the number of club members taking part in Westward League and maintaining the fantastic team spirit.
  • Gaining some overall medals, we had several runners and the vet men’s team finishing 4th – 6th this year so only just outside the medals.
  • A trip to the Southern Cross Country Championships at Parliament Hill in January
  • A trip to the National Cross Country (somewhere in the North of England) in February

Thanks everyone for running, your support, driving and being such a great team.

Redruth and overall league results – men

Redruth and overall league results – women

Herald 2015 March XC Team Award


Next Sunday is the last fixture of a very successful Cross Country Season for Torbay. So far 56 club members have taken part in the Westward league, a massive increase from last season!

The race is open to all club members, even if you haven’t raced cross country this season your very welcome to join us and run this race. Just turn up with club vest, pay £1 / 50p juniors (I will collect money before race)  and run, no need to pre-register, no numbers, just run and at the end pass your finishing token to me.

Details are below for Redruth, I have 3 spaces in my car if anyone needs a lift, just let me know.

With the best 5 of 6 races to count (4 out of 6 for juniors) we have a few club members lying just outside the medals:

Megan Webber – 4th in u15 girls

Henry Sanderson – 4th in u11 boys

Matt Day – 4th in v40 men

Denis Doy – 4th in v60 men

The Men’s vet team are also in 4th place.

Anthony Raine is just outside the top 30 overall and 6th in MV45, with a low score in Exeter, a good run on Sunday should see Anthony move up in both the overall and MV40 categories and possibly into the medal places for MV45.



Race times and distances

12.15: u11 boys and girls (1600m)

12.30: Women, u17 women & u17 men (4,900m)

1.05: u13 girls (3,000m)

1.20: u13 boys (3,000m)

1.35: Men (8,100m)

2.20: u15 girls (4,000m)

2.40: u15 boys (4,500m)

The race takes place at Redruth school, prizes will be awarded afterwards. If you need a lift please let me know ASAP.

Course Map

How to get to venue



Torbay Athletics Club put on a superb performance at the penultimate Westward League at Parke, Bovey Tracey on Sunday 8th February.

Over a muddy and hilly woodland course, Shaun McKernan battled bravely to take third place in the U15s while Megan Webber continued her great form to finish eighth, despite racing the day before in an inter-county event. This leaves Megan 4th place in the league with one more race left.

The U13s showed great strength over the woodland loop. Verity Woods (12th ) and Lily Bates (13th ) finished well, sealing strong overall league positions of 15th and 16th. Alexander Bly’s blistering performance for his first X country for Torbay secured an excellent 9th place in a tough field.

The gold and red of Torbay dominated the U11s line up. Henry Sanderson stormed home in second place after a sensational sprint finish, and is now 4th place in the league. Fantastic first runs for Lily Noble (8th ) and Xavier Bly (18th ) revealed a promising future for these young athletes and determined runs from Keiren Raine (22nd ) and Josie Ratcliff (10th ) saw their overall league positions jump to 12th and 15th . Meanwhile, the Torbay U11s kept flooding across the finish, with great runs from Emma Harrison (11th – league position 12th), Lily Milne (12th – league position 14th ), Rose Downs (19th – league position 43rd), Keely Bell (15th – league position 8th) and Olivia Horton (20th – league position 9th) in the girls race and Jack Luscombe (28th – league position 14th ) and Harvey Bates (30th – league position 15th ) in the boys race.

The Senior Ladies also showed their colours, with strong runs from Hayley Ratcliff (51st ), Tracey Sanderson (71st ), Eve Bates (88th ) and Ruth Gornall (91st ).

Full Results – Men

Full Results – Women




Sunday 11th January 2015

Olivia Horton, Emma Harrison, Kelis James, Rose Downs, Keely Bell, Harvey Bates, Kieran Raine, Jack Luscombe.
2015 Westward Ho Cross Country

21 Torbay Athletic Club Members ran the 4th Westward League Cross Country Race in the series. This race was located in North Devon at Westward Ho! The course was very exposed by cliffs near the coastline. Conditions on the day was very tough with strong blustery winds and rain.

There are 6 races in the Westward League series and prizes will be award to best athletes from Devon and Cornwall in their age category at the end of the competition.

Cross Countty is running loops in fields which is often muddy and slippery. Athletes wear trainers with sharp metal spikes to help grip.

Cross country running is a sport in which teams and individuals run loops on surfaces of grass, and earth in open country, and include lots of hills. It is both an individual and a team sport; runners are judged on individual times and athletic club teams by a points-scoring method.

Torbay under 15 Girl Megan Webber is leading her age group in the Westward League.

First race was the Under 11’s Developement Race 1600 metres
9 Keely Bell (7:53) – 10 Emma Harrison (8:10)- 11 Kelis James (8:27)

Second Race was senior and vet Ladies comprising of 1 small lap and 3 large laps. Total 5000 metres.
Karen Frissen was first Torbay home in 57th place in a time of 31 mins 21 secs but she 7th in the Vet 50 Category Overall) Her position will likely improve if she completes the last two races at Bovey Tracey and Redruth.

Ladies Results 57 Karen Frissen (31:21) – 63 Eve Bates (32:07) – Freya Bell (39:38)

Third Race was the Under 13’s Girls race comprising of 2 small laps and one large lap. Total 3200 metres
14 Maisey Dommett (16:15) – 15th Verity Woods – (16:20) – 18 Lily Bates (17:55)

Under 15 girls 1 Small and 2 Large 4,000m
3 Megan Webber (18:03) Megan Webber currently top place in Westward League!!!!!

under 11 boys 1600 metres
13 Kieran Raine (7:10) (Kieran overall league position 5th) – 15 Mikey Webber (7:21) 18 Jack Luscombe 7:59) – 20 Harvey Bates (8:38 secs)

Senior Men 1 Small and 5 Large laps Total 8,800m
Jon Pressling – 39th, 36 mins 33 secs (overall league position 66)
56 Anthony Raine (38:36) – 65 Matt Day (40:06) – 75 Martyn Breslan (41:27) – 78 Stephen Lofthouse (41:48) – 90 Paul Frissen (43:44) – 106 Steve Sharp (47:11)

In the Vet 40 category Matthew Day is in 6th overall position, MV45 Anthony Raine 6th & Stephen Lofthouse 8th

There are two more Westward League races remaining in the series, the next race will be at the Parke National Trust Estate at Bovey Tracey on the 8th February.
The last race will be a long journey to Redruth in West Cornwall on 1st March.

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