Senior Membership

ADULT MEMBERSHIP FEE’S (age 18 and older)
from 1st April 2016 and expires 31st March 2017

Please try one of our running sessions for free, and if you enjoy then please join by sending an email :)

OPTION 1 –  £30 + small online charge.
Club membership only £30 + small online charge.
This means you can enter multi sport events for Torbay Tri Club like Triathlons, Aquathlons, Duathlons.

OPTION 2 – £43 + small online charge.
Same as Option 1 Club Membership
+ with England Athletic membership.
Choose this option if you like to enter running races for Torbay Athletic Club. Enjoy £2 discount at running races.
Club Membership £30 + England Athletic Membership £13
Total £43 plus £1.22 online charge (£44.22 Total)

From 1st October club membership is half price because there less then 6 months until membership will expire on 31st March. England Athletic membership will not reduce their fee.

From 2017 England Athletic Membership will increase by £1 from £13 to £14

Please email Emma Gilboy to join
so a payment request can be sent to you via email so you can pay by membership by credit card or debit card.

Full name with title Title like Miss  / Mrs / Doctor etc
Date of Birth
Full Address & Post Code
Email Address (most important)
Phone number
Emergency Phone number and Name
Are you a member of another running club?
Have you been a member of another running club?
When did you leave your last running club?

Email payment request will be from ‘’ name as ‘Payment request from Torbay AAC’
Its really easy to pay one we have your details and it will only takes half a minute to pay by card.

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