Run Group Level 7 – Elite

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JOIN > TORBAY ATHLETIC CLUB FACEBOOK GROUP LEVEL 7  – ELITE LEVEL 7 – ELITE RUNNERS Group Level [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] (Tuesday and Thursday at 6:30pm) Pace sub 5–6.30 – Distance 7½ – 11 miles Coach by Jon Parkinson and Andrew Longthorpe Pace between sub 5 minute – 6.15 minute mile pace. Elite level only for the very fittest athlete able to handle very hard sessions of speed and endurance. Training sessions up to 11 miles no regrouping. Target five or six training runs a week. Target to win races. Some sessions will be suitable for group level 6 Sub-Elite members
TUESDAY GROUP LEVEL 7 SPEED SESSION Jon Parkinsoncoached by Jon Parkinson FEBRUARY 14th 6mins x 5 / 2mins R to Paignton 21st 3mins x 9 / 2mins R Meadfoot & Wellswood loop 28th 7 X 2 mins / 1 min R then 6 X 1min / 1min R Torquay sea front NOW TRAINING AT RIVIERA CENTRE – TORQUAY

TUESDAY TRAINING February training on Tuesdays, building on previous winter months and working on a good foundation as we head towards spring: key half marathons and 10kms;

March round of Tuesday sessions, working on a principle of increasing number of reps as we decrease time of efforts through the weeks with same recovery, so should be flying as we move into the lighter evenings!

THURSDAY SESSION IS WITH THE COMBINED GROUP SESSION (Thats all group levels running together from Beginner level 1 up to 6 Elite) Some members may prefer to do a steady run as a small a non coach group