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The next Beginner Runners ten week couch to 5k course starts Wednesday 7th Sept at 6.30pm at Torre Abbey Green.

Please email for details and to reserve your place on the course.

The ten week course is your first step on your own running journey and is led by fully qualified Leadership In Running Fitness run group leaders, who will encourage and support you all the way.

The course is run in association with Torbay Athletics Club.

2016 Beginner Course September


A new intake for the beginners course in partnership between Torbay Athletic Club and Run Torbay

Ideal for people who would like to take up running to get fitter and will start out using a walk/run training plan, where the first few weeks you will walk more then run and gradually the walking breaks get shorter and shorter and the running parts longer. The first few weeks will take around 30 minutes.

Please share with anyone that may be interested.

If you can already run for around 3/4 miles at 11 to 12 minute mile pace, Brian Lewis also leads a run at that level at 6.30pm on a Thursday in Torquay.


You are welcome to join our Beginners Facebook Group (Level 1).

Once you can run 6 miles with out stopping or without walking you will be ready to move up to group level 2 (Improvers Group).
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Run Group Level 1 – Beginners — 29 Comments

  1. Hi, would you be able to let me know if there will be another beginners group starting again this year?
    Many thanks

  2. Hi

    I was just wondering if this running club still happening at the moment? I would love to join as I hope to improve my running for the RAF…


  3. Hello, I’m very new to running trying to get fit for the army and joining a running group would help me alot, would that be possible?

  4. Hi.
    Im interested in joining but not sure what level to join.
    I started running in april and can do 10k in just under an hour but ive had 3 weeks off so probably back to the begining again now.
    Any help would be appreciated.

    • Hi Chris
      On a Tuesday start with group level 2, they run 5-6 miles so that about 9 to 10k in one hour aprox
      On a Thursday we do a speed session and can cater for all abilities to. All groups levels train together.
      Im sure you will be fine and will enjoy the sessions.
      Come along any Tuesday or Thursday 6:30pm Torre Valley North Sports Field on Avenue road between school and Abbey Gates.
      Try a session for free

  5. Hi, I’m really interested in joining a running club. I’m a beginner and used to love running when i was younger and want to get back into it. Am i okay to come along tonight?
    Thanks, Becki

  6. Hi, would it be okay if I come and join in tonight? I would say I’m a beginner looking to improve, I can currently run 4 miles or so without stopping. Thanks 🙂

    • Hi Gemma
      Brian Lewis will be starting a special beginners group course soon, I will pass on your email address to him so he can contact you.
      You are more then welcome to comedown tonight and I will chat with you and give you an easy session depending on your fitness.
      We meet tonight 6:30pm at Torre Valley North Sports Field which is the big sports field next to the school on Avenue Road.
      I will be there tonight so look out for me, just ask someone to introduce you to me.
      See you later
      Stephen Wilbraham

  7. Hi Stephen

    I’m just wondering – do you do a “race walking/power walking” group or do you know of one in Torquay? I have done some of the Big Midnight/Sleep Walks for Rowcroft (10 miles) and I’d like to improve on walking speed as I’m more like walk 5 miles with a bit of running so I think I’d be too slow even for your beginners group!

    Many thanks.

  8. Could I come along for one evening to see how I get on? and how much will I need to pay for for the session?
    Thank you Ali

    • Hi Ali
      If you are a beginner then please come along Thursday session 6:30pm Riviera Centre Torquay, try us for free a couple of times before joining.
      From Tuesday 5th May we will be at Torre Valley North Sports Field on Avenue Road next to Cockington School.
      If you can run 5 miles in one hour or faster, we will have an endurance group for you on Tuesday 6:30pm.

      Club membership will be £25 per year and starts from April 1st 2015.

      I’m sure you will find everyone welcoming and friendly 🙂

      Stephen Wilbraham

  9. Hi I am interested in joining level 1 absolute beginners group please can you let me know when and where this session take place.



    • Hi Rosie

      How far can you run with out needing to stop?

      Easiest Session is a Thursday, we meet at Riviera Centre for a 6:30pm.


      We jog out from Riviera Centre to Compass point which is marked on the ground by Princess Theatre. (1 kilometre)

      We then do some simple warm up exercises.

      We will then jog over to the inner harbour to do some efforts around the inner harbour.

      Each loop is about 650 metres Effort followed by a recovery time. Maybe one minute.

      Each member decides how fast and many loops they want to do depending on their level of fitness and how they feeling. Theres no pressure to over train.

      After efforts members will jog back to Riviera Centre. Normallly members will jog back as small groups.

      We use the Swimming pool changing rooms down stairs at Riviera Centre. You will need a £1 coin for a locker (Refundable)

      Parking is expensive so best park on Avenue Road and walk up.

      Members do get a free parking permit.

      Membership is £7.50 until end of March 2015.

      Hope that helps 🙂

      Stephen Wilbraham

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