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Please give as much info as possible. race name, description, position, time, was it a pb, did you win an award, etc, etc. We need info by Monday afternoon latest for Wednesday Herald Express. Please include your best quality photo. We will do our best to get your achievement mentioned in the newspaper and on this webpage.


Sunday 30th August 2015

Frank Reay 2015

Competing in just his first middle distance triathlon, Torbay Tri’s Frank Reay posted a fantastic time of 4:49:07 to lead home a team of three racing in the Cotswolds and also claimed 7th place for his age group. Comprising of a 1.2m swim, 56 mile bike, and 13.1m run, the course lends itself to fast times and Rich Carus continued his good form by breaking the 5h mark with a swift 4:58:48 while Becky George also crossed the line for her first middle distance finish in an impressive 5:43:28.

Sunday 31st August 2015

2015 Lustleigh 10k Arran Tocknell Dacid Tomlin

2015 Lustleigh 10k Wendy UrbanThe Lustleigh 10K is renowned locally as one of the most challenging multi-terrain courses in the local running calendar. The course takes you over hilly lanes, down muddy tracks, through beautiful woodland, along the river Bovey before spitting you out into the village of Lustleigh and back to the show field to be cheered to the finish line by a lots of supporters. This year the course was very muddy and wet from recent heavy rain. 

Torbay Arran Tocknell enjoyed his second win of the Bank Holiday weekend on Dartmoor. Arran had a battle with his team mate Lee Turner along the challenging course. Lee was stronger on the down hill and flat and Arran caught up on the hills. After a few miles Arran enjoyed a small lead until near the end when Arran went slightly on the wrong course. The pair was soon neck and neck to the finish and Arran won with just 6 seconds. 3rd was Torbay David Tomlin to complete a 1, 2, 3 for the club. David won 1st MV40 category. 11 Torbay members ran.

This was the second time Torbay over the weekend had 4 members in top eight and second time David Tomlin finishing 3rd.

Wendy Urban was 2nd lady overall.

Torbay AC Results
1 Arran Tocknell (34:43) – 2 Lee Turner (36:49) – 3 David Tomlin (39:17) – 8 Jon Parkinson (41:05) – 13 Martyn Breslan (42:02 – 28 Wendy Urban (47:24) – 30 Anthony Raine (48:01) – 54 Paul Frissen (52:10) – 61 Stephen Wilbraham (53:47) – Ray Brown (59:10) – Tessa Hearfield (1:01:53) – 134 Bill Valentine (1:23:52)

Saturday 29th August 2015

14 Torbay Athletic Club Members ran the Dartmouth Regatta 5 mile road race.

2015 Dartmouth Regatta Startline

This infamous 5.1 m road race is now in its 36th year. Starting at the Boatfloat Bridge on South Embankment, follow the long steep road out to Stoke Fleming towards the mouth of the river Dart. Once at Stoke Fleming (half way) runners turn return via the lanes towards Little Dartmouth, then back to Dartmouth`s South Embankment and the finish in front of a crowd of hundreds of cheering spectators.

For last two years Torbay has enjoyed 1st and 2nd overall at this event but this year a battle took place between Torbay Simon Longthorpe and Ceri Ress (Wild Running Club) with Simon finishing just one second behind Ceri.

3rd was Torbay AC David Tonlin in 30:01. As well as Torbay having second and third Torbay also had 4 members in the top eight.

Cathy Parkinson was first Torbay lady, 3rd lady overall, 2nd FV50.

After the race runners and specators enjoyed the Regatta air display which was paused for the prize presentation for the runners in both the road race and the fun run race. Torbay Alexander Bly was 3rd in the Fun Run.

Torbay AC Results
2 Simon Longthorpe (28:04,1st SM) – 3 David Tomlin (30:01, 2nd MV40) – 7 Andrew Longthorpe (30:55) – 8 Russell Hart (31:02) – 13 Richard Wallace (31:46) – 20 Kevin Fine (33:28) – 24 Nigel Fenn (34:08) – 30 Neil Downer (35:07, 3rd MV45) – 45 Catherine Parkinson (36:59, 3rd Lady) – 55 Nick Dance (38:11) – 56 James Hartridge (38:11) – 84 Greg Fine (41:09) – 116 Ray Wilson (45:16)

Friday 28th August 2015

Forest Flyer is nearly 5 miles completely off-road running through the beautiful surroundings of Haldon Forest Park near Exeter. Contrary to popular belief this route is not flat! The last 1200 metres was all up hill to the finish line.

2015 Forest Flyer Group Photo

Torbay AC Results
1 Arran Tocknell (28.28) – 12 Martyn Breslan (32.02) – 15 Wendy Urban (33.01) – 24 Anthony Raine (34.53) – 27 Matthew Day (35.16) – 49 Brian Lewis (38.26) – 54 Peter McCaig (39.23) – 56 Paul Frissen (39.27) – 57 Sarah Wake (39.30) – 73 Ray Wilson (43.11) – 75 Ray Brown (43.30) – 76 Irene Hewings (43.36) – 78 Sally Davies (43.52) – 81 Dave Pressley (44.34) – 85 Anita Merritt (45.01) – 93 Tessa Hearfield (46.11) – 105 Andew Park (49.15) – 108 Debra Pressley (51.12) – 117 Mike Davies (55.18)

Sunday 23rd August 2015

Organised by Torbay Athletic Club 22 Torbay Athletic Club members ran the Torbay 10k  The second race organised by the club within a week, with a record number of entries at 700 which was the race limit.

The course started from by the Big Wheel opposite Torbay Hotel to Paignton Green with 2 laps of this before returning to the finishing line on Corbyn Head.

Lee Turner was first home for Torbay AC in 34:03 in 4th place overall. The race was won by Michael Eccles from Norfolk Gazelles in 33:00, with Jim Cole 2nd in 33:17, followed by Ceri Rees (Wild Running) just 3 seconds 33:20 later.

Veteran 50 Peter Monaghan finished 7th just behind former Torbay AC runner Richard Waldron now with Southampton AC. For Peter Monaghan’s son David Monaghan this was his first 10k race finishing in 45:11.

This was also the first Club race for two new Torbay members Jo Loten and Graham Arkell.Torbay AC won the first mens team award first 3 to count. Erme Valley Harriers the first ladies team.

Torbay AC results:-
4 Lee Turner (34:03) – 7 Peter Monaghan (35:04) – 19 Russell Hart (36:51) – 20 Andrew Longthorpe (37:02) – 29 Kevin Fine (38:34) – 33 Jerry Hocking (39:07) – 38 Martyn Ellis (39:25) – 56 Douglas Veitch (41:20) – Brian Lewis (46:30) – 167 Emma Gilboy (47:54) – 201 Simon Gilboy (49:36) – 191 James Skupham (49:49) – 193 Ray Brown (49:55) – 221 Keith Simpson (51:29) – 258 Cassandra Harrison (51:52) – 232 Brian Hall (51:55) – 262 Jo Loten (52:13) – 275 Lisa Haley (53:47) – 353 Graham Arkell (57:28) – 356 Sara Crozier (57:32) – 365 Fay Cameron (57:55) – 423 Maddie Hayes (1:00:56


Torbay-athletic-club 5000m 2

Held at Torre Valley North Sports Field Torquay, 61 Torbay Athletic Club members ran 12½ laps of the 400 metre grass track to compete in the 5000 metre Club championship event.

Torbay Athletic Club Group Photo 2 Banner


Taken before the race started was a group photo which included Eric Barber who is still in a wheel chair after sustaining a very nasty accident while out cycling, Eric had for many years set up the event which is now organised by Stephen Wilbraham.

5000m 2015 Group Winners Small

Torbay AC is the only athletic club in Torbay with its own grass track, with membership now growing year on year by 25%, making it one of the largest clubs in Devon with over 300 members.This produced a record number of club entries for the event was organised into two races to accurately calculate the final result.

There were seven new members running in this their first club race, with Ian Tyson first the of these to cross line finishing 5th overall in 18:05, followed by Andrew Gunther 11th overall. James Skupham, Paul Chesterman, Katie Codling, Maria Thaller, Lucie Jones were the other new members who all enjoyed competing.

Nine gold trophy cups were awarded on the night for the winners of the age categories also two large shields to recording the overall winning man and lady.

Shield 5000m exacmpleThe Male winner was veteran 50 Peter Monaghan in an amazingly fast time of 16:34 the fastest time recorded for many years, followed by Lee Turner in 17:05 and 1st Senior Man.

3rd Overall was Andrew Longthorpe who had battled it out with David Tomlin to finish just 6 seconds ahead of him in 17:42 and to also claim the 1st MV40 award having just turned 40 a surprise winner!

1st male 60+ went to club Chairman Greg Fine 22:39.

14 year old Shaun McKernan was the fastest junior and gained personal best time of 18:09 in 6th position.

trophie 5000m exacmpleCathy Parkinson won the ladies club championship crossing the line in 20:44 and also 1st Vet 45.

First Senior Lady was Sarah Wake 23:09 who is improving all the time,

1st Lady Vet 35 Marnie Woodley 21:44,

1st FV55 Irene Hewings 24:44

After the event a free BBQ was organised with the food kindly donated by Prodirect Running.

1 Peter Monaghan (16.34) – 2 Lee Turner (17.05) – 3 Andrew Longthorpe (17.42) – 4 David Tomlin (17.48) – 5 Ian Tyson (18.05) – 6 Shaun McKernan (18.09) – 7 Russell Hart (18.11) – 8 Martyn Breslan (18.15) – 9 Charlie Baker (18.29) – 10 Kevin Fine (18.39) – 11 Andrew Gunther (18.40) – 12 Jerry Hocking (18.51) – 13 Doug Veitch (18.53) – 14 Nigel Fenn (19.07) – 15 Frank Reay (19.30) – 16 Anthony Raine (19.45) – 17 John Childs (20.00) – 18 Neil Downer (20.08) – 19 Cathy Parkinson (20.44) – 20 Wendy Urban (20.55) – 21 Glynn Hughes (20.58) – 22 Tim Lewry (21.05) – 23 James Hartridge (21.25) – 24 Peter McCaig (21.33) – 25 James Skupham (21.36) – 26 Graham Reynolds (21.37) – 27 Chris Hunt (21.42) – 28 Marnie Woodley (21.44) – 29 Mike Green (22.17) – 30 Steve Rowe (22.25) – 31 Nick Dance (22.26) – 32 Greg Fine (22.39) – 33 Steve Sharpe (22.39) – 34 Emma Gilboy (22.44) – 35 Neil Fisher (22.45) – 36 Simon Gilboy (22.46) – 37 Jon Cowling (22.51) – 38 Paul Chesterman (22.53) – 39 Shaun Collier (23.07) – 40 Sarah Wake (23.09) – 41 Ray Wilson (23.33) – 42 Roger Matthews (23.37) – 43 Paul Taylor (23.43) – 44 Ian Hayward (23.47) – 45 Brian Hall (23.55) – 46 Cassandra Harrison (24.33) – 47 Keith Simpson (24.37) – 48 Sassie Tickle (24.42) – 49 Katie Codling (24.43) – 50 Irene Hewings (24.44) – 51 Lisa Haley (24.46) – 52 Craig McGuire (24.50) – 53 Maria Thaller (25.13) – 54 Debbie Webber (26.01) – 55 Lucie Jones (26.05) – 56 Mark Hardy (26.06) – 57 Colin Wilson (27.18) – 58 Sara Crozier (27.25) – 59 Maddie Hayes (27.41) – 60 Nick Hayes (28.43) – 61 Eileen Severn ( 30.16)

Saturday 22nd August 2015

Four Torbay Club members ran in the 5k parkruns on Saturday
Roger Matthews was 127th in 24:30 at the Braunstone parkrun a small historic town in Leicestershire.
While at Bovey Tracey Simon Gilboy was 29th in 24:49 with wife Emma 37th in 26:11 and Robert Wells finishing 50th in 28:57.

Sunday 16th August 2015

Torbay Tri Club’s Becky George took part in the Portishead sprint triathlon as a warm up for the following weekend’s Cotswold’s Middle Distance event. Finishing 4th in her age group and recording a time of 1h 35m 44s, Becky was the club’s only representative.

Sunday 16th August 2015

A far cry from the torrential conditions experienced last year, Jamie and Emma Stevenson returned with plenty of sunshine to race at the Erewash sprint triathlon in Derbyshire. Both posted impressive PB’s for the event, with Jamie crossing the line in 54m 02s (20th) and Emma 1h 06m 03s (114th) from 328 finishers.

ewash tri 2015 Emma Stevenson
Photo – Emma sprinting towards the finish line in Erewash

Simon Wins The Red RAT Race – Roseland August Trail Race Series
Saturday 15th August 2015

Red Run 2015 Simon Longthorpe

The RAT (Roseland August Trail) Race Series – is a series of challenging coastal distance runs along the stunning South Cornwall Coastal Footpath. The Black Route 32 miles, A Red Route of 22 miles, White Route 11 miles and The Plague (green) 100K – 64 miles ! All of these routes follow the same part of the coastline, over undulating paths, through fields, villages and surrounding countryside – it is not for the faint hearted with runners from the different routes joining up with each other at different points along the way. ,

RED RUN RESULT       – 22 miles – 1st Simon Longthorpe (2:48:19)
BLACK RUN RESULT – 32 miles – 28th Jon Parkinson       (6:13:31)

5K Parkruns
Across the world in New Zealand Torbay AC runner Sophie Evens finished second in 20:28 on a cold and icy morning in Hagley Park in Christchurch.
At Bovey Tracey two of the Torbay AC juniors were first and second home for the Club at the parkrun
While David Tomlin finish first at CHELTENHAM parkrun in 17:19

PARKE 5k parkrun
Saturday 15th August 2015

5 Shaun McKernan (22:18) – 6 Alexander Bly (22:22) – 20 Stephen Wilbraham (24:08) – 33 Emma Gilboy (25:20) – 39 Simon Gilboy (25:41) – 71 Robert Wells (29:08)

Sunday 9th August 2015

The Devon open consist of four meetings all weather track facility at Plymouth, Tavistock and twice at Braunton (First and Last meetings)

Last month Torbay dropped from 4th place to 5th place being over taken by Plymouth Athletic Club. Torbay trailing 72 points with 994 points. The top 4 clubs in the Devon Open have all weather track facilities. Considering Torbay Athletic Club only has just a Summer grass track the club has done amazingly well. Eight Juniors and 2 seniors men produce some amazing results for the club. By the end of the day Torbay score 258 points against Plymouth AC 168 points which was enough to put Torbay 37 points ahead of Plymouth back in 4th place. Tavistock AC won the Devon Open with North Devon AC in 2nd and Exeter Harriers in 3rd.

Very well done to Shona Silvester for equalling the Club record in the under 11, 75 metres with 11.56 seconds and in the 150m with a time of 23.67 seconds

Devon Open Table 2015 R4

Under 10 Boys Joshua Taylor finished 5th in 600 metre in a time of 2 minutes 11 seconds, he was 2nd in the 75 metres in 11.88 seconds, 2nd in the Long Jump 3.19 metres, 9th in the Vortex 22.26 metres. His team mate Stefan Filip was 15th in the 600 metres in 2 minutes 24 seconds, 17th in the 75 metres 13.24. 17th in Long Jump 2.56 metres. 16th in Vortex in 17.95 metres.

Under 11 Girls Shona Silvester was 2nd in the 150 metres in 23.67 seconds, 3rd in the 75 metres in 11.56 seconds, 5th Long Jump in 3.10 metres

Under 13 Girls 100m Georgia Davies was 5th in the 100 metres in 14.79 seconds, 4th in the 150 metres in 22.99 seconds, 2nd in the Shot in 6.51 metres.

Under 15 Boys Shaun McKernan won the 3000m in 10 minutes 53 seconds just 1 second outside his best ever time. He was 2nd in the 200 metres in 31.04 seconds and 3rd in the Shot in 7.74 metres.

Under U15 Girls Verity Woods was 3rd in the Long Jump in 4.13 metres, 4th in the Shot 4 in 7.62 metres.

Under 17 Men Hayden Fey won the 1500m in 4 minutes 28 seconds and also won the 400 metres in 57.32 seconds, 3rd in the 200 metres in 26.41 seconds

Under 17 Women Sasha Denis won the Long Jump in 4.19 metres and won the triple jump in 9.28 metres.

Senior Men Martyn Breslan won all five of his events, 100m in 14.91 seconds, 200m in 29.33 seconds, 400m in 67.51 seconds, 800metres in 2 minutes 37 seconds and 1500m in 5minutes and 6 seconds.

Finally Vet Man Stephen Wilbraham was 11th in the 100 metres in 18.17 seconds, 6th in the 200m in 34.97 seconds, 5th in the 400m 76.90 seconds, 2nd in the 800m 2 minutes 46 seconds, 5th in the 1500m in 5 minutes 44 seconds.

Saturday 8th August 2015
Torbay’s Garry Hooker finished 3rd in 3:28:55 at the new Plym Trail Marathon on an ‘out and back’ course starting at Yelverton then following cycle route 27 along the stunning Plym Valley trail to Clearbrook. ( photo)

Plym Trail Marathon 2015 Garry Hooker Small

Saturday 8th August 2015
A total of 14 Torbay Athletic Club members ran in 7 different 5k park runs last Saturday entering parkruns in Devon, Wales, London, Daventry and on the other side of the world in Christchurch New Zealand.

PARKE 5k parkrun
Saturday 8th August 2015
At the Parke parkrun Brothers Simon and Andrew Longthorpe ran their first Parke parkrun on Saturday, with Simon finishing first in a very fast time of just 17:16 minutes to record the fastest Torbay AC time for this course and the 3rd fastest time overall to-date at Parke, with brother Andrew finishing strongly in 3rd place. 1 Simon Longthorpe (17:16) – 3 Andrew Longthorpe (19:45) – 8 Jerry Hocking (20:49) – 17 Alexander Bly 22:18, PB) – 45 Emma Gilboy (25:23) – Simon Gilboy (25:31) 160 finishers

While on the otherside of the world at HAGLEY CHRISTCHURCH NEW ZEALAND Sophie Evans finished 5th in 20:21

At EXETER RIVERSIDE Martyn Ellis finished 13th in 18:56 and Kirsten Mundy 122nd in 28:19 with 172 finishers.

At KILLERTON Victoria Hinchliffe finished 133 in 27:02 with 334 finishers. CARDIFF Jon Pressling 148th in 23:14 with Cassandra Harrison 184th in 24:15 from 565 finishers.

DAVENTRY Mark Hardy 60th in 26:06 with 152 finishers and at
HACKNEY MARSHES LONDON Adharanand Finn was 4th in 17:48 with 144 finishers.

Tuesday 4th August 2015

Torbay Veteran Peter Monaghan ran his fastest 5k for 20 years in the round 5 of the Run Exe Summer 5k finishing 4th overall and beating Alan Ryder from Plymouth Muskerteers by 14 seconds.

Race winner was James Baker from Chichester Runners AC in a very fast time 15:46. 2nd Neil Barkell Tavistock AC 16:08. 3rd Joe Monk from Blackburn Harriers.

Torbay AC junior Under 15 runner equaled his personal best time set last month in round 4. Shaun now has a very good chance of winning his age group for the series if he turns up at round 3. Harvey Thompson Exeter Harriers is his nearest rival in his age group.

Amelia Hall and Peter Monaghan are both leading their age groups.

Torbay Results 
4 Peter Monaghan (16:33) –  27 Shaun McKernan (18:38)  – Martyn Ellis (18:44)  – 61 Stephen Wilbraham (21:22) – 80 James Wilbraham (22:39) – 82 267 Amelia Hall (22:53)

Sunday 2nd August 2015

Several Juniors from the club competed in the South West cup at Exeter for Newton Abbot today, not many PB’s, Highlight was Emily recording the best set of jumps ever with a best 4.90m in long jump. Hayden PB in shot with 9m plus. Good sprints from Megan Elyse and Owen in windy conditions, solid run in hurdles for Megan and Emily, a 2:08 for Hayden in 800m, results not always displayed, be on powerof10 this week.

Sunday 2nd August 2015

Sunday 2nd August 2015

Cotswold Triathlon AUG 2015
Photo from left Jamie Stevenson, Emma Stevenson, Glynn Hughes, Tony Hodge

10th James Stevenson (2:17:22) – 42nd Glynn Hughes (2:33:55) – 56th Tony Hodge (2:42:26) – 65th Emma Stevenson (2:48:50, 11th female)

Sunday 2nd August 2015

A really unique experience where runners will actually run half a mile out to sea along the Brixham Breakwater before heading up to the beautiful Berry Head Country Park with incredible views across the whole of Torbay. A circular route of five miles taking in the Brixham Harbour Light and the Berry Head Lighthouse.

All monies raised from this event will go towards the amazing work the RNLI carry out rescuing people at sea. This run will act as the opening event for this years Torbay Lifeboat Week 2015.

Torbay Results (Approx)
5 Steve Rowe (41:45) – 12 Mike Singleton Green (43:03)

Sunday 2nd August 2015

1ST…..2007, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 (2nd 2006 & 2008)

TOTNES 10k 2015 TEAM PRIZE zoom
In photo from left
Peter Monaghan, Andrew Longthorpe, Simon Longthorpe, David Tomlin, Arran Tocknell.

Totnes 10k 2015 Group Large

Very well done to all Torbay members at Totnes 10k, Juniors and Seniors.
Well organised race by the Teignbridge Trotters.

The race its self is nearly all off road, following alongside the beautiful River Dart. It starts and finishes on Borough Park and uses the Totnes Leisure Centre as its HQ.

Torbay has won men team prize again (6 to count) with five members in top ten you would had thought Torbay would win it easily though Exmouth Harriers had 3 members in top 8 including the race winner but only they only had four members in front of our sixth man Andrew Longthorpe. Torbay Team finished with a cumulative time of 3:47:01 just 4 minutes 49 seconds quicker than 2nd place mens team Exmouth Harriers.
Simon Longthorpe first Torbay member home in 3rd place overall and 2nd MV35. Arran Tocknell manage to pip Lee Turner for 4th place by 11 seconds. Arran was 2nd Senior Man and Lee was 3rd MV35. Peter Monaghan finished 7th overall and broke the course record for MV50. .David Tomlin was our tenth man home and was second MV40.

Torbay men has won the team prize 8 times in 9 years and 7 times in a row.

2nd Overall was James Baker from Chichester Runners AC, James finished first in yesterdays Parke 5k parkrun breaking the course record and being the only runner ever to break the 17 minute barrier. Today he finished 10 seconds behind Ethopian Exmouth Harrier runner Berihu Hadera.

Scott Watkin and Charlie Baker support our 42 senior members at the start and finish, Scott with a broken foot and Charlie Baker with a broken arm. Hopefully they will be fixed in a few weeks.

Marnie Woodley was first Torbay lady home and won FV35 category. Sarah Wake was 2nd club lady home. Sally Davies won her age category FV60.

After the race runners enjoyed the famous selection of Trotter cakes, a BBQ and wash down with a pint from the beer tent. Almost 600 runners took part

Torbay Results
3 Simon Longthorpe (35:53) – 4 Arran Tocknell (37:08) – 5 Lee Turner (37:19) – 7 Peter Monaghan (37:44) – 10 David Tomlin (38:23) – 28 Andrew Longthorpe (40:34) – 32 Richard Wallace (40:52) – 49 Kevin Fine (41:56) – 58 Nigel Fenn (43:01) – 60 Jerry Hocking (43:23) – 63 Martyn Zak Griffiths Breslan (43:39) – 71 Neil Downer (44:55) – 77 Anthony Raine (45:41) – 126Brian Lewis (49:30) – 135 Marnie Woodley (50:20) – 150 Mike Davies(51:21) – 153 Stephen Wilbraham (51:23) – 163 Neil Fisher (52:01) – 166Sarah Wake (52:10) – 167 Steve Sharp (52:15) – 180 Ray Brown (53:12) – 182 Paul Taylor (53:19) – 189 Rachel Longthorpe (53:36) – 191 Ray Wilson (53:43) – 193 Emma Gilboy (53:46) – 212 Simon Gilboy (54:43) – 195 Peter McCaig (53:50) – 217 Karen Frissen (54:55) – 223 Darren Munn (55:21) – 234 Irene Hewings (55:59) – 244 Ian Hayward (56:27) – 245 Sassie Tickle (56:35) – 249 Kieth Simpson (56:53) – 273 Sally Davies (58:07) – 278 Lisa Haley (58:12) – 288 Janine Callard (58:57) – 318 Tessa Hearfield (1:00:51) – 320 Anita Merritt (1:01:15) – 337 Phil Perkins (1:02:38) – 359 Andrew Park (1:04:17) – 363 Victoria Hinchliffe (1:05:00) – 389 Anne Lucas (1:07:25)

TOTNES 10k 2015 Shaun Zoom

Shaun McKernan led the Torbay juniors home finishing 2nd overall in the 1 mile fun run in a time of 4:44. There was about a dozen juniors running in the event. 1-mile Fun Run was around the perimeter of Borough Park Totnes. This always proves really popular and gives all those taking part the chance to complete a safe, measured 1-mile course..

Juniors Results……/2015totnesfunrunindividualr…
1st Samuel Yearling (4:42) WINNER from Plymouth Tri Club
2nd Shaun Mckernan (4:44) FIRST TORBAY JUNIOR
followed by….
6 Dean Featherstone (5:32) – 11 Kieran Raine (5:57) – 12 William James (5:59) – 13 Joshua (6:00) – 14 Lilly Noble (6:01) – 21 Jack Luscombe (6:11) – 28 James Alexander (6:30) – 33 Ella Sandbrook (6:34) – 69 Brian Lewis (7:58) – 99 Katie Luscombe (9:03) Brian Lewis was running with maybe his daughter Phoebe Lewis

 Totnes 1 mile Fun Run 2015 Group Totnes 1 mile Fun Run 2015 Junior 69

PARKE 5K parkrun # 70
Saturday 1st August 2015

New Course Record Broken at Parke by James Baker Chichester Runners & AC in 16:50, first runner to break 17 minutes at Parke. Five Torbay members ran. David Tomlin finish 2nd. 14 year old Shaun McKernan was second club member home in 7th place and finished 7th overall. Shaun gain a personal best time of 21:23. It was Craig McGuire first ever parkrun.

2 David TOMLIN (18:19) – 7 Shaun MCKERNAN (21:23) – 27 Stephen WILBRAHAM (23:58) –
42 Simon GILBOY (25:36) – 49 Craig MCGUIRE (26:36)



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