Ivybridge 10k

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JOIN > TORBAY ATHLETIC CLUB GRAND PRIX FACEBOOK GROUP This is a Torbay Athletic Club Grand Prix Race (Road) Please view our Grand Prix page for details [ TO ENTER CLICK HERE ] 10 SUNDAY 10th MAY – IVYBRIDGE 10k  WHO GOING LIST…. WHO MAYBE GOING LIST… Stephen Wilbraham To add your name, please post details in the ‘Comment Box’ at bottom of this page. Your first comment will not show on this website until site administrator approves it, then after all your posts will be approved and will instantly appear 🙂 TORBAY MEN WINS TEAM PRIZE AT IVYBRIDGE 10k Saturday 10th May 2014 28 Torbay Athletic Club members ran the Ivybridge 10k.

This spectacularly 10k scenic race started in Ivybridge Station Car Park and finished at Ivybridge Rugby Club. The course is relatively fast, despite the steep hill from Bittaford to Moorhaven. The last 6km from of the route was almost all downhill, normally making for a fast 2nd half of the race, unfortunately runners had to face strong winds for the last 4 kilometres which really slowed the runners times. Despite the windy and showery weather 651 runners finished the race.

From the start Chris Rimmer from Plymouth Harriers lead the race.

Torbay Athletic Club pair Peter Monaghan and Arran Tocknell chased hard closely behind with another Torbay AC pair Jon Parkinson and Adharanand Finn in a small group further behind.

Arran got a stitch at half way and started to struggle. Jon Parkison and Adharanand Finn small group manage to over take Arran towards the second half of the race.

Chris Rimmer Plymouth Harrier won the race in a time of 33:04.

Torbay AC Peter Monaghan finished 2nd in 34:25 just 17 seconds ahead of Plymouth Harrier Alex Lockett.

5th was Torbay AC Jon Parkinson just three seconds ahead of his team mate Adharanand Finn. 10th was Arran Tocknell and Russell Hart 15th. Torbay had 4 runners in the top ten and 5 in the top 15.

Torbay Athletic Club easily won the mens team price (3 to count) 2, Peter Monaghan, 5 Jon Parkinson, 6 Adharanand Finn.

2nd mens team prize also went to Torbay AC, 10 Arran Tocknell, 15 Russell Hart, 40 Kevin Fine. Second mens team prize could had gone to Erme Valley Harrier if Kevin was 7 seconds slower. Well Done Kev.

Both Russell Hart and Adharanand Finn had pb’s of 30 seconds. Adharananand Finn dropped his car keys a couple of times during the run and had to run back to retrieve them.

New member Steven Rowe ran his first race for Torbay Athletic Club and finished 54:46

Pete Monaghan won his age 45 category. Jon Parking was 2nd MV45. Adharandand Finn was 2nd MV40, Ray Brown 1st MV65, Anne Lucas 1st FV60

2 Peter Monaghan (34:25) – 5 Jon Parkinson (35:17) – 6 Adharanand Finn (35:20) – 10 Arran Tocknell (36:15) – 15 Russell Hart (37:18) – 40 Kevin Fine (40:10) – 79 Stuart Sweatman (42:42) – 93 Neil Dawkins (43:16) – 94 Stephen Wilbraham (43:16) – 95 Anthony Raine (43:18) – 107 Tim Peters (43:44) – 110 Graham Reynolds (43:51) – 116 Stephen Lofthouse (44:00) – 171 Nick Dance (46:24) – 190 Ian Hayward (47:22) – 218 Paul Frissen (48:13) – 246 Ray Brown (49:03) – 285 Karen Frissen (50:27) – 289 Martyn Breslan (50:40) – 320 Eve Bates (51:41) – 352 Rob Bates (52:45) – 359 Tessa Hearfield (52:57) – 407 Steven Rowe (54:56) – 423 Nick Hayes (55:36 ) – 426 Anne Lucas (55:43) – 477 Shelly Nicholson (57:15) – 593 Leanne Foster (1:05:03) – 612 Sarah Sweatman (1:07:26)

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