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CHECK YOUR TORBAY ATHLETIC CLUB MEMBERSHIP STATUS Membership starts from April 1st 2017 and expires 31st March 2018 Click Here for more info on how to pay and view club membership Fees This page will probably be updated couple times a month.
1 SECOND CLAIM MEMBERS PAY £20  (+90p Payzip Fee’s) (members who first claim club is another affiliated athletic club) Ben Epps   
13 TORBAY ATHLETIC CLUB MEMBERS HAVE PAID CLUB MEMBERSHIP ONLY = £30 (+90p Payzip Fee’s) Sarah Addis Geoff Ballard Jo Coish Jonathan Cowling Jenny Edgington Lee Hall Graeme Kay Anita Ley Jennifer Lister Rose Parkhouse Susan Sapsford Julia Schofield Eileen Severn

Phil Bates Elizabeth Bebbington Chris Billing Matthew Botting     Gary Brenton   Martyn Breslan   Ray Brown   Elizabeth Bubeer Janine Callard     Fay Cameron   Vasile-Valeriu Chirita   Sara Crozier   Nicholas Cull Nick Dance    Michael Davies   Sally Davies Neil Dawkins Deborah Drake Nigel Fenn Greg Fine Kevin Fine    Paul Frissen   Karen Frissen   Emma Gilboy   Simon Gilboy   Andrew Gunther Lisa Haley Amelia Hall Brian Hall     Cassandra Harrison   James Hartridge Ian Hayward    Irene Hewings Adam Hill Jerry Hocking    Garry Hooker   Glynn Hughes Jason Hurford       David Hyde   Sean Ingham   Simon Langler   Brian Lewis   Stephen Lofthouse Andrew Longthorpe    Simon Longthorpe   Rachel Longthorpe Jo Loten     Anne Lucas Mark Luscombe Jason Mann Roger Matthews   Ian McClean Anita Merritt Peter Monaghan     Kirsten Mundy Catherine Parkinson Jon Parkinson    Phil Perkins   Linda Philippou   Andy Philippou David Pressley Debra Pressley Sue Putt Gemma Radcliffe    Hayley Ratcliff Anthony Raine     Frank Reay   Hamish Renton Alix Reynolds Graham Reynolds Fleur Ricklin   Amy Roberts Katharina Roberts Patrick Roberts Nick Robinson Michelle Sandhu     Steven Sharp Ian Sharrock    Keith Simpson Michael Singleton-Green    Alex Snell   Jamie Stevenson   Emma Stevenson   Lee Turner Ian Tyson Wendy Urban     Richard Wallace   Steve Weeks   Stephen Wilbraham   Marnie Woodley  

NEW MEMBERS… Please try one of our running sessions for free, and if you enjoy then please join by sending an email to Emma Gilboy to DETAILS EMMA WILL NEED FROM YOU Full name with Title like Miss / Mrs / Doctor etc Date of Birth Full Address & Post Code Email Address (most important) Phone number Emergency Phone number and Name Are you a member of another running club? Have you been a member of another running club? When did you leave your last running club? Email payment request will be from ‘’ name as ‘Payment request from Torbay AAC’ Its really easy to pay one we have your details and it will only takes half a minute to pay by card.

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