Armada Relays

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Sunday 15th February 2015


2015ArmadaRelaysHayden2The Armada Relays are run over pathways within Central Park Plymouth, there were 43 teams of four members competing with each runner doing a 2.5 mile circuit of this hilly course, Start/finish changeover & Race HQ were at the Plymouth Life Centre. Twenty four members in 6 teams ran for Torbay AC with two teams finishing in top 8.

This was the first experience for the four Torbay junior boys to run in relay race, they did extremely well leading their age category for first 3 legs, but were unfortunately beaten at the line into second place to finish in a very creditable 8th position overall on the day. The Men’s Vet 60 and Ladies Vet 45 teams both won their age groups, with the Torbay senior men which included vets 40s, finishing 5th overall. In the senior Ladies team Emma Gilboy ran two legs as someone couldn’t make it on the day running the 2nd leg only 45 seconds slower then her first. It was a big day for Debbie Webber and Lisa Hayley also Craig McGuire, who joined two weeks ago, all having never run in a race before.

2015ArmadaRelaysJames35th Senior Men – Kevin Fine 15:17, Neil Dawkins 16:43, Phil Bates 16:42, Martyn Zak Griffiths Breslan16:38 – Total 65:20
8th U18 Boys – Hayden Fey 15:42, Oakley James 16:28, Shaun Mckernan 17:16, James Sanderson 17:07 – Total 66:33
18th Senior Men – Stephen Lofthouse 16:40, Steve Sharp 18:50, Stephen Wilbraham 17:00, Craig McGuire 19:16, Total 71:46
31st Senior Ladies -.Emma Gilboy 19:06, Debbie Deb Webber 22:02, Emma Gilboy 19:55, Lisa Haley 19:51, Total 80:54
32nd FV45 – Irene Hewings 20:14, Linda Philippou 19:28, Debra Pressley 31:43, Hayley Radcliff 20:03, Total 81:28 WINNERS
35th MV60- Ray Wilson 20:00, Colin Wilson 21:35, Dave Pressley 20:00, Andrew Park 22:04, Total 83:39 WINNERS

2015ArmadaRelaysLisaKevin Fine (15:17) – Hayden Fey (15:42) – Oakley James (16:28) – Martyn Breslan (16:38) – Stephen Lofthouse (16:40) – Phil Bates (16:42) – Neil Dawkins (16:43) – Stephen Wilbraham (17:00) – James Sanderson (17:07) – Shaun Mckernan (17:16) – Steve Sharp (18:50) – Emma Gilboy (19:06) – Craig McGuire (19:16) – Linda Philippou (19:28) – Lisa Haley (19:51) – Emma Gilboy (19:55) – Dave Pressley (20:00) – Hayley Radcliff (20:03) – Ray Wilson (20:00) – Irene Hewings (20:14) – Colin Wilson (21:35) – Debra Pressley (21:43) – Debbie Webber (22:02) – Andrew Park (22:04)

2015ArmadaRelaysFV352015ArmadaRelaysHayley4 2015ArmadaRelaysLisa2 2015ArmadaRelaysMV602015ArmadaRelaysMV60WINNERS 2015ArmadaRelaysOakley 2015ArmadaRelaysShaun 2015ArmadaRelaysSM22015ArmadaRelaysStart2015ArmadaRelaysU18Boys


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2014 – 3rd

3rd for Torbay Elite Men in the Armada Relays at Plymouth Central Park
Sunday 16th February 2014
On the very first sunny dry day for athletes this year, there was a good turnout for the inaugural Armada Park Relay event. This event replaced the Plymouth Hoe 10 organised by the Armada Athletic Network. Each athlete ran a testing two-and-a-half mile lap of Central Park, all down hill for just over a mile followed by a testing steep hill. The last mile was mostly flat, with the race start and finish outside the Plymouth Argyll football ground at Home Park,

Some 48 teams made up of four runners competed in the event, The men’s race was won by Riley’s Racers, who finished just in front of Riley’s Slayers, both these teams were made up of top athletes from various running clubs in the South West. Torbay Athletic Club was the fastest team that boasted a full team of its own club runners.

New member Henry Irvine ran his first race in Torbay Club colours. Irvine ran the first leg for the Torbay Elite Men’s team handing over in overall four position to Martyn Breslan who had a great run, finishing in just under 14 minutes to maintain the teams overall position, next runner Lee Turner managed to over-take the fourth placed runner, putting the Club in with a chance of taking 3rd podium place. Turner the fastest Torbay Club runner on the day, handed over to Arran Tocknell for the final leg, with the 2nd placed team Riley Slayers ahead by half a minute, Tocknell manage to draw level with the Slayers runner half way round but was unable to pass him, Tocknell finished in 3rd place giving Torbay an excellent 3rd podium position.

For Torbay Juniors team U14, there were two boys and two girls, all four competed against the adults. Oakley James ran the first leg and finish in 17:01 which was faster than many adult athletes, next was the youngest runner 11 year old Jake Harker who finished in 19:41. Jasmine Sweatman ran the 3rd leg and finished in 21:41 which is an excellent time for such a young runner who ran her first ever race last week, loving the experience so much decided to run in this event. The last leg was run by experience club runner Megan Webber in 18:41 both of these girls were only just 12 years old last week. The mixed Torbay under age 14 team was the youngest in the event finishing in 38th position out of the 48 teams.

For many Club members it was their first relay race, with Nick Hayes proudly wearing his Club shirt for the first time.

Stephen Lofthouse, Stuart Sweatman, Anthony Raine and Matthew Day won a podium place as the 3rd Male Vet 40 team.

Torbay AC produced the most teams on the day, six in total. Two men’s vet teams, two Senior Men’s teams a mixed U14 team and a Senior Ladies team.

Torbay Athletic Club Results
3rd Senior Men, Henry Irvine (13:25) – Martyn Breslan (13:57) – Lee Turner (13:17) – Arran Tocknell (13:30) Total Time 54:09
17th Senior Men, Kevin Fine (15:34) – Jake Thorn (15:39) – John Childs (16:04) – Jonathan Cowling (19:14) Total Time 66:31
18th MV40, Stephen Lofthouse (16:19) – Stuart Sweatman (16:38) – Anthony Raine (16:50) – Matthew Day (17:00) Total Time 66:47
36th MV40, Stephen Wilbraham (17:02) – Roger Matthews (18:38) – Nick Hayes (21:10) – Tim Peters (17:52) Total Time 74:42
37th Senior Ladies, Wendy Urban (16:54) – Nicola Stanbury (20:08) – Emma Gilboy (19:27) – Natasha Stanbury (19:29) Total Time 75:58
38th Mix Under 14, Oakley James(17:01) – Jake Harker (19:41) – Jasmine Sweatman (21:41) Megan Webber (18:14) Total Time 76:37

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